Privacy Policy - What You Can Expect From Our Website

As a passionate casino of professionals, we are committed to the general well-being of our customers. We respect your privacy and strive to be transparent in the services and resources we load on the site. Our team created Privacy Policy to inform you and remind you of the content and purpose of the website and how we manage user data and information about them.

As an independent website focussed on online casinos, our users can expect a comprehensive guide list and tips. These guides and tips were written by professionals keeping in mind the well-being of players. The main goal of the Game Guide and Rating on this website is to help players get to know the popular casino games and services. All information published on our site was purchased only for informational purposes. We do not offer casino games for real money and we do not cooperate with other casinos. We are an independent web site focused on the online gambling industry with the intention of informing, advising and educating the players.

How we use the information we collect

We use personal information in the manner described in this policy. First, the information collected will be used to provide our services, to develop the business, and to collect the information you really need. Our website makes reasonable efforts to protect your personal information. We will not share them with anyone, including an online casino. We are committed to protecting you at any time and we allow this, because our website is completely secure and encrypted.

We encourage you to fully read our Privacy and Safety Policy before using our site. For more information on how we handle your information, do not hesitate to contact us.